The importance of asking WHY in Life and Business

Is your life satisfactory? Are you happy? Is your business or business life exactly how you want it? Or perhaps you have some feelings at times that you wanted things to be different? Most people settle to what life brings them and never bother about asking why they do it. Dissatisfaction tends to arise from such an approach.

What moves us?

Our goals? Our desires? This question is not so simple to answer. We all have goals and desires, however often we fail to achieve them and to become successful. This is true about our personal lives as well as our businesses. Nonetheless, is there anything we can do to change that?

Asking WHY – the secret answer

The real reason of what moves us in our lives and businesses becomes known to us by asking WHY. Why do we want to achieve those goals? Why to we start a business? Why do we want to succeed?

Knowing WHY we want something is the fundamental motivator and tapping into it will keep us focused on achieving what we want and to succeed.

The same applies to businesses. If a business starts asking WHY it exists, it can then communicate that message to their customers and it will be able to connect to those who share the same WHY and the same beliefs. With a common ground of shared beliefs and motivations,  those customers will become loyal customers and will keep coming back to get what you do or sell.

Knowing and communicating WHY is the core for success.

Is it for real?

Don’t take my word for it, there are many examples about it and Simon Sinek has studied this subject in detail (it is a very worthy read you can find it here if you want to read the book).

Recently Heather McGowan shared this post about Airbnd and Uber entitled Airbnb knows Why. Does Uber?.

In this post there are more details about the theory of WHY and links to a great TED Talk from Simon Sinek.

Now that you understand how important it is to be asking WHY for your life’s fulfillment and your business success, there is only one more question I wanted to ask you…Do you know your WHY?

Wish you a great day



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