The obstacle is the way

The Obstacle is the Way is a great book from Ryan Holiday showing that it is due to the obstacles we find in our lives that we actually move ahead and achieve greater success.

Most of us live in such fear of failure, of judgment, of finding difficulties and so many other fears, that we linger for an easy life without challenges or difficulties. What we fail to see is that the challenges and difficulties are there to help us grow and become more than we are before the challenge or difficulty was presented to us.

In The Obstacle is the Way, Ryan Holiday describes several stories of the difficulties that many well known people endured before becoming the success they were. Examples are Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and many others. Each of these had to face such obstacles that had they not existed, these people would not have become heroes to many.

In my video I describe two stories about the difficulties people faced and the result of overcoming those difficulties.

The Obstacle is the Way video

This video was published when I was doing a different business but the message applies to any business.

The difficulties you face in your life don’t need to be great but you need to develop the attitude of solving them.

The focus should always be on the solution and not on the problem. Focusing on the problem alone tends to leave you blocked, stuck without a way out.

On the other hand, thinking that whatever the obstacle is you will overcome it by going around, above, under, through or whatever other way, will give you much success. Create this habit in everything you face, small or big.

One of the stories of the video is my own and how I had trouble to work on my business when my kids are on school vacation or family is visiting. You may think the best is to take it easy and put the work on the side for a week or two, but I didn’t want to do that because that would affect my results. I also didn’t want to ignore my kids and family so what could I do?

It would be very easy to be torn and not be 100% in the business and not be 100% with the family… but the obstacle is the way…. I learned better planing, anticipation and automation.

I also realized that having a team I trust has made a huge difference and is advancing 5L Properties at a much faster pace than I could if I were doing all alone.

The obstacles I faced and the solutions that came from them allow my business to continue even if I am not always present and I am 100% with my family.

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