Closing the gap – what you could do vs what you do

The vast majority of humans live well below their capabilities and don’t even realize it. Nonetheless, it is possible to achieve our real potential and the “only” thing  to do is closing the gap between what we do and what we could do.

Closing the Gap

Now, when I’m talking about your true potential it relates to anything in life, but in this specific case I’m talking about your true capabilities in running and succeeding at your business.

For you to be closing the gap between what you do and what you could do, you need to realize a few things:

Make your business a priority

Your mind will focus on what’s primary to you!

Until your business becomes a priority to you, with YOUR primary focus in your MIND, you will not succeed. You need to be passionate about your business; believe in your heart in the company; believe in your heart that YOU and YOUR company will benefit OTHERS. If you’re doing the business only for you without regard for the benefit and success to others, you will fail.

Why you are playing small

Another point that is necessary to closing the gap is to STOP PLAYING SMALL.

Generally, if you’re playing small, playing below your potential, is because you actually learned to do it. You, at some stage, picked up the habit of playing small. At some point in, most likely your early life, you have been through a big drama moment and at that point you created a model of behavior that you carry to this day.T

The problem is that to be successful in business we have to think big, create big goals to live our dreams. However, that creates a conflict between where you are now and where you want to be. Your mind has trouble deciding what to do with the opposing options. There is only one way to solve that contradiction:

  • Find out what that big drama moment is and release it. Accept it as a learning lesson and acknowledge that it no longer fits with your goals today.

Most of the times, if you listen to your heart, the solution is to let go of that moment. Accept it as something in the past, something that has helped you becoming who you are today but that doesn’t need to define you anymore. Release it and fully embrace where you want to go.

When you do it, you will feel less stressed, more motivated, happier and you’ll start moving in the direction of your goals, toward your full potential.

Feel the burn, watch the smoke as I turn

Rising, a phoenix from the flames

With wings I will flyI’m standing in the flames

It’s a beautiful kind of painSetting fire to yesterday

Find the light, find the light, find the lightI’m standing in the flames

It’s a beautiful kind of pain

Setting fire to yesterday

Find the light, find the light, find the light

Written by Sia Furler, Marshall Mathers, Emile Haynie, Edgardo Resto • Copyright © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group

My moment was when I was very young, in kindergarten, and I was not able to step into the stage for the annual play. Teachers and other parents tried to push me to go but it only made it worst. Ever since I played small, stayed in the background, been bullied, lacked confidence…

But I have released that and now I don’t play small anymore. I play in the big league, I’m Closing the Gap.

Wish you a great day



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