How to succeed – never give up. Lessons from a 6 year old

One of the most important attitudes that a successful person must have is the attitude of never give up. But what  can a 6 year old tell us about it? In the video below I tell the story of my son’s reaction to what seemed as a top sportsman give up.

This video was originally publisjed in the context of another business I have but the message applies to multiple situations

How to Succeed? Never Give Up

My son’s reaction is not unique to the situation described in the video. My son has taught me about resilience and the never give up attitude more than once.

As he was first learning to ski, he was proud of the progress he made and the new trick he learned while practicing outside the lessons. He saw his teacher on the slopes and despite we told him not to bother the teacher as she was giving classes to other kids, he did never give up until he managed to tell her about it. He made me proud!

Many of us do give up too fast, in fact most of us give up as soon as some adversity knocks at the door. The only thing that comes out of giving up is defeat and opportunities missed. With time, regret will take over our thoughts and instead of looking for future opportunities to succeed, we get stuck in the past, feeling worst and worst. In such a stage, more opportunities will be missed. More regret…. and you can figure out how this will develop.

Perhaps you know all too well this feeling. If you do, I want to assure you that it is possible to change. It is a decision you can make and change. It will be scary but if you decide to take that opportunity that you are thinking about, you will feel different. Just decide to take that class you were thinking about. Start to go the gym and get in better shape as you have been promising to do or finally decide to create your own business.

And KEEP GOING. NEVER GIVE UP!The never give up attitude can overcome a lack of skill or physical or mental disabilities. And we have the Paralympics to prove it right now.

So develop this never give up attitude and apply it to your business, to your life and see the change. Be the coffee beans in the face of adversity.

BEFORE I go, there is one more addition to the never give up attitude…. The “secret” is not to go against a wall and keep hitting it forever. The “secret” is to never give up AND keep learning and improve your skills. The obstacle is the way!

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