Take action and never stop like a waterfall

Take Action!

It is amazing the amount of people who have dreams and goals that they would like to achieve but yet never do it. They never properly take action to achieve them.

It is even more amazing that many of then don’t even try…. There is always something that stops them… Too Young! Too Old! Too Hard! Not Enough Time! Too Busy! Don’t Know How to Do It!

In the end, the truth is … Too Afraid! And that is fine but…

Whatever you intend to do, just do it!

Stop with the what if, I’m not sure, is hard, what will others say…..

Stop the excuses and take action. Today!

Do you to start exercising? Do it now!

Do you want to start a new hobby? Do it now!

Do you to change your life and start your business? Do it now!

Don’t be afraid of not being perfect, start now and adjust as you go. That is what everyone does when they start something. They try to learn and adjust and become better.

No one is born perfect!

And if at this moment you are thinking about that hobby you wanted to start but your friend X is so good you feel embarrassed …. Stop it! That friend of yours also had to learn to get there. Why do you compare yourself with the people you know are better? They have been there for longer. You can look up to them, but don’t expect to be like them in the first trial. And don’t assume they were born like that either.

This is also true in business. Many people stay stuck in a job they don’t like because they are afraid of changing. They would prefer to do something different but they think they don’t have the qualifications and are too afraid of learning them…

Just take action and start what you always wanted to start and have fun with it.

Check out my video at the beautiful Rhine Falls at the Swiss-German border.


Stop the excuses and take action. The fear you have is understandable, it’s even normal but the only way to stop that fear is to take action. The first time might be hard but the second will be easier and then keep going.

The water flows in whatever way it has to to arrive where it needs to arrive. Be like that, never stop flowing.

Wish you a great day



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