5L Property Investment

5L Properties

5L Properties is a a real estate investment company working in the UK market, specifically around the Glasgow area.

We buy properties below market value and improve them to increase capital gains and then we either rent that property or sell it.

This approach means for our investors that thy can get a return on their investment higher than leaving it in banks and with less risk that stock market. The investment is secured by an asset.

Our tenants can enjoy living in properties that offer great conditions and are up to great standards.


Our vision is to close the gap of low housing availability and high housing demand. We offer everyone an opportunity to live in a comfortable and affordable home.

Furthermore, we envision offering a platform for safe investments with 2 digit return on investment, ideal for new and experienced investors alike.


We improve the housing market by improving the homes we buy; putting properties with low conditions back to their glory and allowing people to live affordably.

We want to battle unsafe and scam like opportunities of investment by offering a safe environment for investors of all experience levels backed by real assets.

UK Property Market Overview

5L Properties works on the UK property market. Why did we choose this market to start our business?

Because the UK property market is very particular compared to other markets:

  • There is a well known housing shortage and a constant demand for new homes
  • The legal system is more balanced with landlords having more measures to deal with difficult tenants
  • Tax system for Ltd company is favourable with low fixed rates
  • Mortgages are based on the property cashflow and capital increase potential not in personal income

The UK property market has shown a strong growth over the past 5 years with a 27.87% increase in property average values.


Business Model

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